Labels Are For Soup Cans And Cereal Boxes, Not People

Urban Outfitters

What ever happened to those simple days of our childhood when we didn’t let labels define who we were? Clothes were never a primary focus for us then. And now? Brands frame our identity, especially when it comes to what we wear.

Today, whether we will admit it or not, a majority of us believe that we are what we wear. If we’re someone who plays sports then a lot of the times we’re going to be buying Nike brand clothing because we feel that it represents who we are. Or if we’re someone who tries to create a more trendy image then chances are you’re shopping at Urban Outfitters.

But why? Why does our generation tend to believe that buying clothes or shoes from an expensive brand aligns us with an elite group or makes us “better” than those who don’t buy from those brands? The answer is self identity.

With social media sites like Instagram and Twitter we’re constantly aware of what celebrities are wearing and what’s trending and what’s not. Being young and trying to fit in also makes it pretty difficult to not get caught up in what we see. We’re so quick to believe that in order to be liked by others or to appear wealthier we have to wear what they’re wearing, or we feel like we have this obligation to look a certain way. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

The truth is no one is going to remember those Huf shirts you use to wear, or remember that Michael Kors bag you carried, or your collection of Nike shoes. No one will. So why worry about it so much?

I challenge you guys to stop labeling people because you are not what you wear, and name brands don’t make you any better than the person next to you.

Labels are for soup cans and cereal boxes, not people.