History Repeated?


Lucero Ramirez, Staff

Trends define who we are as people, we either take in that trend or we ignore it, depending on what we like. Think about everything that is in right now. Are they new or are they just new to you?

Now I’m sure you all know about Pokémon Go, it’s a no brainer that it’s one of the most talked about apps as of right now, but did you know that back in the 90s there was an exact same frenzy for Pokémon.

90s kids wearing the well known crop tops and high waisted bottoms.
90s kids wearing the well known crop tops and high waisted bottoms.

If you think about fashion, you see chokers, crop tops, high waisted jeans, overalls, or denim in general everywhere. Not to mention, we have Blink-182 in the top 10 for the first time since 2001!

For those who have lived through the 90s as either adults or teenagers, they just might say we are taking their choices of style. “I think that we seem to be back in the 90s”, says Elma Ramirez, 38.

Although it isn’t just the 90s that seems to have “returned”.  Polaroids have begun to emerge as well as record players, does this also sound familiar from a different time?

We may seem to be taking the style and ways of other generations, but it doesn’t need to be like taking, but modifying, IMG_2165[1]“Returning trends, I feel like, are the most predictable thing to happen in any generation”.  The frenzy trickles off into memories, but then bursts back into the spotlight. Each generation has its own fashion, music, and entertainment. They are all just things that make up part of our culture.

“Trends are meant to resurface and have their comeback, without them we’d be uncultured.” – Montse Diaz, 16.