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The Pressure!

Gabrielle Estrada

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Photographer- Gabrielle Estrada

Throughout an individual’s life they are bombarded by societal norms and stereotypical views. These views can pressure an individual to act a certain way and can negatively affect their lives. This is most prominent throughout adolescent life and has a greater impact on teenagers than any other age group.

Photographer- Gabrielle Estrada

Photographer- Gabrielle Estrada


It is easy to become caught up in the latest trends and social media stories. This can cause people to want to change themselves in order to fit a certain image,  which can negatively affect their physical and mental health.

“People can feel pressured into thinking that they need to have a certain body type. That’s why eating disorders are so common in this country”, said Itzel Jaime an eighteen year old senior at La Joya Community High school.

It is important to acknowledge the severe impact peer pressure may have on a individual’s life. The pressure to fit-in can affect a student both physically and mentally. It is crucial to educate the youth on ways to overcome any obstacles peer pressure may cause and to recognize individual qualities that make a person unique.

Photographer- Gabrielle E

Bad habits are often introduced to us and can become addictive, which can be even more difficult to overcome. Although it is hard to break bad habits it is not impossible.

“Bad behavior can become routine and the only way to stop this is to break bad habits and to make better decisions” said Alexis England a eighteen year old senior at La Joya Community High school.

Many young people can be pressured into making bad decisions that could negatively affect behavior and routine. Proactive routine and positive behavior are detrimental to an individual’s character and is  needed for a prosperous life. The only way to combat against peer pressure is to accept the qualities that make anindividual unique and to make proactive decisions that allow for individual growth.

Photographer- Gabrielle Estrada

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