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Why did students grades drop over the years?

Why did student’s grades drop over the years?

Edwin Segura Rivera, Staff March 1, 2022

I think there are many reasons why student's grades drop. Some may say is has to do with sleeping or it has to do with how smart they are or are the kids even trying? I see it happen a lot because I'm...

Candle on fire.

Are Candles A Big Part Of The November Season..?

Elijah Zapien, Staff December 9, 2021

Are Candles a Big Part of The November Season...? Are Candles a Big Part of the November Season...? Hello, I'm Elijah Zapien Here with me today is Anonymous... Thank you, Anonymous for joining us...

this man is about to start running.

INTERVIEWING: The Hardest Working Man Alive…

Elijah Zapien September 20, 2021

"I COME FROM A FAMILY THAT HAD NOTHING, FROM PLAYING WITH ROCKS AND THROWING MUD" Appendix Interview with Jacob Rivera Sr on August 20, 2021. This interview was conducted in person. Today I sit...

Its A Pack!!!!

Theres Always Room For Improvement

Dshaun Pitre, Staff September 22, 2017

There is always room for improvement. No matter the cause or reason, you can always strive to expand in potential perfect capacity. " Thats the way to look at it " says Jahhiem Hendrix when asked top...

Gender Equality: What Can You Do to Support Your Counterparts?

Gender Equality: What Can You Do to Support Your Counterparts?

Joseph Shouse, Staff August 24, 2017

Gender inequality has been a topic that society has had wedged in its side for millennia. The social norm has been that males are superior to females. While men are indeed strong (as seen in history),...

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