Eye of the Lobo

Covid-19 Vs Football

Bryan and Angel after the victory over Shadow Ridge  (2019 season)

Shane Waisner, Photography Editor

August 28, 2020

Avondale - La Joya football players were the region champions last year, absolutely crushing it all the way up to state. After feeling amazing from the great last year the Lobos were getting ready to go into another successful season. Those plans changed drastically and immediately following with this pandem...

You Are All Champions in Our Eyes

You Are All Champions in Our Eyes

David Vazquez, Staff

November 20, 2019

AVONDALE- Our La Joya Varsity Football Team, have not made it to the playoffs since 2008. Until this year, we have some amazing boys that have played beyond their abilities this season, practicing day and night to become what they want'd to be since the first day of practice, a football player. The p...

More Than Just an Athlete: Carlos Fernandez

More Than Just an Athlete: Carlos Fernandez

Alyssa Elizalde, staff

September 27, 2019

AVONDALE- Starting out as just an ordinary high school student, Carlos Fernandez was a freshman when he decided to start playing football. The decision he made on that day impacted his life in a positive way and is now a senior in high school. He's confident in the way he plays the game. Fernandez ...

Fall Season is here!!!

Fall Season is here!!!

Nicholas Gamez, Staff

November 9, 2017

It is official lobos the fall season is here. Grab your jackets and get prepared to watch the green turn yellow. Leaves will fall and the temperature will drop. Fall season is when Arizona finally gets cold. People all over campus are excited about the fall season and are ready to get a break from the...



Aaron Santibanez, Staff

October 9, 2017

This past week, president Donald Trump made negative allegations against the NFL, NBA and other sport leagues. With this it created a controversy staged protest through games this past Sunday. It all started ever since the 2016 preseason game when 49ers quarter back Colin Kaepernick took a knee during...

Student Athlete: The Homework Struggle

Student Athlete: The Homework Struggle

Nick Gamez, Staff

August 24, 2017

Being a student athlete myself I know first hand how hard it is to handle sports and homework. So to help I interviewed  four athletes that are currently in the season of their sport. These athletes have all had good grades through out their high school years and have been big contributors to their...

One Peaceful Protest From Kaepernick Spreads Like Wild Fire

One Peaceful Protest From Kaepernick Spreads Like Wild Fire

Ananda Haskins, Staff

October 1, 2016

On September 16th all players on the Seattle Garfield High School football team and coaching staff knelt (took a knee) during the National Anthem. An image of the gesture circulated around social media. Kaepernick's protest has caught the attention of teen athletes from several different high schools. ...

Sports, Sports, Sports…Where’s the Art?

Sports, Sports, Sports...Where's the Art?

Aysia Johnson, Staff

September 15, 2016

In many different schools the so to speak stereotype is that sports are more emphasized and invested in more than the fine arts. It's vital  to get to the bottom of the reason and get some of the student body’s opinion. Went to interview two students and these two students have different perspectives...

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School