More Than Just an Athlete: Carlos Fernandez


Alyssa Elizalde, staff

AVONDALE- Starting out as just an ordinary high school student, Carlos Fernandez was a freshman when he decided to start playing football. The decision he made on that day impacted his life in a positive way and is now a senior in high school.

He’s confident in the way he plays the game. Fernandez has faced obstacles in life throughout his football career but has managed a way to keep going. His top motivation has gotten him to where he is now. Being voted the week 2 Arizona high school football top performer really shows the type of athlete he could become and how motivated he is to work to the top.

Being a student athlete gives the options of different paths throughout your youth life. Many choose different sports but, for Carlos he knew he wanted to play football.

“What made me play football was when I was a freshman, my best friend Kevin Raymond sat down with me and talked about me playing high school football and going into my second game of the season he got shot and killed. My motivation then was to do everything he wanted to accomplish in life,” Carlos Fernandez said.

Carlos faced rough paths but he chose to take his best friends death as the biggest motivation to become the best of the best.

Choosing the football path isn’t out of ordinary and for Carlos it became more than just playing ball for his high school team.

“It’s something I live for I wake up everyday thinking I have a ball out everyday, every game, so I can play at the next level and support everyone who supported me,” Carlos Fernandez said.

Football is one of his passions and continues to be till he reaches his goals for Carlos Fernandez.

Being the top performer for week 2 shows himself how much he has succeeded since day one. Nonstop playing and practice for the past three years has done him more good than he realized till he was rewarded for his hard work as an athlete.

“Honestly I’m very blessed to say that I won player of the week. I’ve been working all summer, night and day with my trainers. Now, I just got to keep progressing and make my team better as a leader,” Carlos Fernandez said.


Carlos Fernandez is a leader as an athlete and an overachiever in every situation he puts himself in. Student athletes need the mentality of either succeeding or failing, but once you fail you should always learn from mistakes and change to do better.