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Life At West-MEC

Life At West-MEC

Taeya Benally, Staff

September 22, 2018

Filed under Student Life

Kids at La Joya do not know about the programs La Joya offers until they are upperclassman, as in West-MEC. Here is an insight of the life at the West-MEC southwest campus and what it takes to get into this program. First, what is West-MEC? It is an after school, career training program for upperclassman that offers trainin...

Live Action Disney!

Live Action Disney!

DeAsiah Ball, Staff

March 29, 2018

Filed under Art, Celebrities, Movies, TV

When you think of Disney you think of all the classics that you've seen or heard of as a kid. There's no way to get away from it! From books and movies to toys and bedroom sets Disney has it all. Disney came up with the astonishing idea of bringing everything to life with live action movies. The first live ...

How Much Longer Do We Have Oil?

How Much Longer Do We Have Oil?

Austin Daleo, Staff

October 6, 2016

Filed under News, US & World

Austin Daleo Oil is very important when it comes to trade. The automobiles we use for trade goods use oil in order to work, but oil is a non-renewable substance so if we use it its gone. It makes humans wonder, what will happen if we run out if oil? There is 7.1 billion people on this earth and aro...

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