Life At West-MEC

Taeya Benally, Staff

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Kids at La Joya do not know about the programs La Joya offers until they are upperclassman, as in West-MEC. Here is an insight of the life at the West-MEC southwest campus and what it takes to get into this program.

First, what is West-MEC? It is an after school, career training program for upperclassman that offers training for Medical Assisting, Cosmetology, Welding, etc.

Here is an insight on some programs:

“My program is about Hairstyling , but throughout this program we learn a lot more than just hair. We better our people skills and learn how to adapt to different people and environments.” said Daisy Huerta, a Junior and first year student in the Cosmetology program.

“I am in the Two Year Medical Assisting program and what I am learning is how to work with patients, properly take vitals. The coolest thing about my program is when I complete my two years, I will become a certified medical assistant.” said Magi Avery, a junior and first year student in the Medical Assisting program.

Next, is how to get into West-MEC. To be accepted into this program you have to obtain a C or higher in your English and Lab Science classes and a good attendance record. With the hard work you do at La Joya, it is rewarded with a great environment and experience for your future career.

Here is a current student’s perspective on what’s the best thing about West-MEC.

“The best thing about West-MEC is you get to meet new people and create a bond with them. These people have the similar interests as you which is cool because we can all relate future-wise. we’re a family” said Melanie Toro, a Junior and first year student in the Medical Assisting program.

With the hard work you put into your classes at La Joya, it can open up doors for you in the future, it can create a path for your future career’s and it starts here a La Joya.