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Horoscopes Of The Week

Horoscopes Of The Week

Cassandra Castro, Staff

November 8, 2018

The following article is about the horoscopes of this week. Horoscopes usually have to do with zodiac signs and astrology. "Yes I believe in astrology cause the universe is big and there are things out there" said Aaron Reyes Sophomore at La Joya. Horoscopes of the week (October 29 - Novemb...

Waffle House Becoming Mobile

Waffle House Becoming Mobile

Joel Hewitt

September 10, 2018

  Ever wanted to go out and eat but was too lazy to go a couple miles to a restaurant? Wouldn't it be easier if they came to YOU? Waffle house has introduced their new Waffle House food truck. It all starting 1955 in Atlanta,Georgia, this famous restaurant has expanded over to 2,100 locati...

Stellar Power Banks

Stellar Power Banks

August 27, 2018

Ever wanted a portable charger? Do you know what a power bank is? If you do, do you own one?  If not, would you like one?  Not only that, having a bad power bank can make your battery WORSE. These are a list of a couple decent banks that should be good for the road. Number one, an old favorite called the Mophie Powerstation Plus XL. Sta...

La Joya Community High School-Home of the Fighting Lobos

Heather Eaton, Advisor

November 8, 2017

La Joya Community High School is home to the Fighting Lobos and serves approximately 2300 students. Here at La Joya, we feel that each individual is an important piece of our pack; therefore, great care is spent cultivating a learning environment that produces self-directed learners who are valuable, cont...

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School
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