Waffle House Becoming Mobile

Waffle House Becoming Mobile

Joel Hewitt


WH Food Truck

Ever wanted to go out and eat but was too lazy to go a couple miles to a restaurant? Wouldn’t it be easier if they came to YOU? Waffle house has introduced their new Waffle House food truck.

It all starting 1955 in Atlanta,Georgia, this famous restaurant has expanded over to 2,100 locations and around 25 states. It’s open 24/7 and ranges from $1 to $11 dollars on their menu. Living up to its popularity, this restaurant chain has served over 2 billion eggs, 1.8 billion hash brown orders, 1.6 billion bacon Strips, 1.3 billion orders of grits, 1.2 billion cups of coffee.

“Good waffles.” said Raquel Doe, a staff member of La Joya Community High School.

When asking Jacqueline Ortiz, a La Joya Community High School staff member, if she would rent the Waffle House food truck she said,

“Yes, I would eat at the food truck.”

Also asking Raquel Doe about renting she said:

“If it was waffles alone, yeah.”


Waffle House Breakfast Menu

Right now there is  currently only one food truck and only catered for private events. This truck is 24/7 as well and will serve you anywhere at anytime. They come to weddings, office parties, schools or even right to your own house!

Waffle House Lunch Menu

You can set up a menu to how you desire for that event. If you want to rent the truck, you have to put down a $90 rental fee and $50 depending on your travel time and duration time. The truck can even go outside of state, although the price of lodging for the truck’s team will most likely be added to your expense. It has helped out a lot in places that couldn’t obtain food such as: the August 2016 flood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and every Thanksgiving they provide food to the homeless.

So, look out for possible trucks near you!

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