Horoscopes Of The Week


Cassandra Castro, Staff

The following article is about the horoscopes of this week. Horoscopes usually have to do with zodiac signs and astrology.

“Yes I believe in astrology cause the universe is big and there are things out there” said Aaron Reyes Sophomore at La Joya.

Here is a picture of all the 12 zodiac signs and their dates, to help you see which zodiac sign you are.

Horoscopes of the week (October 29 – November 2)

“Horoscopes are pretty cool. I like to know what mine is” said Jose Padilla Alumni at La Joya.

Aries:   Good news is everywhere today, but most of it will affect the people around you more than it will affect you , so be wary of the green-eyed monster showing up when you least expect it

Taurus: All the elements are working nicely together, and things are moving on their own accord  you can’t affect the situation much today (if at all). But you should see this lack of control as a good thing. The weight is no longer on your shoulders!

Gemini :The tiny problems you encounter today add little, if any, stress to your life. In fact, they may be welcome  solving puzzles and making logical choices are both fun activities for you

Cancer: The idea of permanence is becoming more important to you than ever, so ponder this today. It could be a part of the aging process, but more likely it’s a part of your slow movement toward understanding the true meaning of value.

Leo: Maintaining a positive attitude will quickly deactivate any potential bombs. You’d be surprised how far a smile and a wave can take you. 

Virgo :  Stick to the facts today, logic and emotionless criticism are the only way to go.

Libra:  Stick to your own life , don’t try to live by someone else’s shopping list.

Scorpio: Silence your devices and turn off notifications. You’ll be amazed by how rich your creativity will be when you’re not constantly waiting for the next bleep or bling to interrupt your flow.

Sagittarius: Despite what some people you work with may think, there’s nothing wrong with taking the easy way out every once in a while.

Capricorn:  Do things in a different way and express yourself in a unique manner

Aquarius: Stop waiting. Your time is very valuable, and wasting it on the unpredictability of others is a waste of money.

Pisces: Your impact on every situation will be felt by everyone, no matter how well you know them