Why We Celebrate Christmas

Why We Celebrate Christmas

David Vazquez, Staff

AVONDALE- Every year during December, it’s the time of year where we go out and buy presents, setting up holiday lights all around the house and family coming together to celebrate Christmas.

We have a holiday figure named Santa who comes bring gifts or coal to kids who were naughty or nice.

“Our entire family is religious and we celebrate Christmas by having family and going to church to save our thanks and our prayers” said Hunter Robinson.

On the 25th day of December or the day Jesus Christ the son of God that Christians believe is the savior. This is why Christians exchange presents, feast, and come together, when Jesus Christ was born there were three kings that brought gifts; that ideal reason is why exchange gifts today to show how to give and receive. The name “Christmas” was after Jesus himself for wanting to give more.

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“My family isn’t really religious on Christmas except my grandma but we all celebrate and remember Jesus birthday, we all stay up till midnight like New Year’s to cheer and enjoy” said Antonio Nino.

Setting up lights, wrapping up presents, and staying up on Christmas Eve, are traditions that people do and how they did it back then. There are also songs and storybooks that talkĀ  about Jesus Christ but Christmas isn’t the only holiday that people celebrate around the world. In other parts of world, everyone has their own beliefs and customs they share.

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“Before Christmas, my family and I go to the church in our neighborhood and come and pray, it’s not a custom but more of thanking the lord through the year” said Luis Martinez.

There are other versions of Christmas as well, different religions such as Jewish people who celebrate Hanukkah and Kwanzaa African heritage in African-American culture. There are millions of ways that people celebrated Christmas, not for their god or yours but to come together the one time of year.