Users and the Media


Ericka Lindsay, Staff

TikTok since its appearance on the market back in 2019 has recently spiked in popularity in recent years. Many user’s login to see the newest trends and feed based on their likes and certainly enjoy it. Except their trends can lead the into some very rough patches in media headlines.

The first big issue was the audience being the new-gen which is very smart but started up a trend of stealing across schools nationwide. This trend was the first one that saw TikTok as an enemy of the public.

Another one that is more recent was self-diagnoses of mental and or medical conditions based upon symptoms one had. It sounds good but nothing based on science and just a general search online. Frustrating doctors as it is very dangerous to do so as it could harm the person more than the false diagnosis itself. As of this year in 2022 TikTok is still a powerhouse when it comes to short 3-minute videos the videos are under a more watchful eye to prevent any more incidences in the near future. People can expand the world outside them.

Getting more ingenious ideas every day, which editing and vlogs across the globe. The more people expose themselves to this the get even more information than ever before. It just going to be a matter of how they use it then when.