A March Horror Movie!

Bringing this season to a sudden scare….


Elijah Zapien, Staff

Horror movies have been a great and big part of the world for a very long time. Horror brings culture, people and families together. but some more specific movies bring more than a culture together, perhaps we say a holiday known as St. Patrick’s Day. Something I would like to tell you about St Patrick’s Day is leprechauns play a huge role in the theme and in general overall holiday. That is why I’ll be introducing you to a film called Leprechaun.

The Leprechaun Lubden, also known as the Leprechaun, is the main antagonist of the first and eighth films in the comedy-horror movie franchise Leprechaun. He is a leprechaun who kills anyone who steals his gold and ask people to be his adoptive parents. The leprechaun is a series that centers on a malevolent and murderous leprechaun referred to as Lubdan, who, when his gold is taken from him, resorts to any means necessary to reclaim it. None of the films in the series are presented in chronological order. the first film was created in 1993 and the most lately one was in 2018. The movies rating are not so good but this movie is very funny is suggest giving it a shot. If anyone is wondering the leprechaun is regarded as a legendary creature. This small mischief-maker is believed to be real, according to old Irish folklore, and was first observed in the 700s. I hope you guys learned something new today and are having a great March. Don’t forget your green.