Here’s to a New Chinese New Year!


David Vazquez, Staff

AVONDALE- As we roll into the new year, a brand new decade for memories and changes for us, it’s time for the Chinese New Year! In China, every year on January 25th they celebrate

David Vazquez

‘Lunar Year’ or also called a Chinese New Year. Their purpose for their festival is all about luck, whether it’s one’s year or not, the main point of it is to bring good fortune for your family and seeing what’s in store.

As 2019 was the year of the pig, the Chinese zodiac wheel restarts back to first animal and the year of the Rat is welcomed. People born of the following years, 2020, 2008, 1996, and finally, 1984 is their lucky year.

“I like the parties and festivals they put out around the world, like in New York City for China Town, its all festive and Red” said Olivia Stenner.

Jade Emperor, a Chinese god figure asked and sent out a message to living world to animals an opportunity to be one of the twelve guards and known as The Heavenly Gate Race story. Where in one part of the race the rat had to cross a river and the ox lends him a hand by letting him hang onto him till they reach land to where the goal was. In the end, the rat ran to the finish and it’s why the rat is ranks first in Chinese zodiac.

David Vazquez

” I like it that every year their is a new animal and it’s cool how they celebrated in each way” said Piper Rivera. 

The Chinese New Year is the longest holiday in China that it takes up to 15 days. Big stores close for people to enjoy the new year with family and also light up fireworks to scare away the mythical monsters and bad luck. Family from all around come in and celebrate. Everyone wears red to having good luck charms.

“I celebrate the lunar year in LA  with friends and family were they have these big celebration events over there, walking around and enjoying eating and having fun,” said Ms.Higginsbotham.

David Vazquez

At the end of the Chinese New Year they have a lantern festival all around the block to carry one’s hopes and dreams to a bright future and let them up in the air to fly away and enjoy this amazing year.