Brrr… How Important Is It To Wear A Jacket In the Winter, Let’s find out….

Elijah Zapien, Staff

How Much People Talk About Jackets in the Winter, Let’s find out….

Hello, I’m Elijah, Zapien here with Anonymous

Today we are going to be talking about jackets and winter season and why they go so well together.

If no one has ever told you before or have never been outside during the winter season it’s cold, very cold.

Jackets have been apart of this world very a while now but some people want to know what is the most stylish jack

Elijah Zapien

et to wear during this season and what jacket keeps you warm and cozy the best.

Well I’m here to solve this problem, I’m Elijah Zapien and this: How Much People Talk About Jackets in the Winter.

Anonymous how are you doing today, would you say your particularly cold and if you are why not?

I’m doing good and no Elijah, would you like to know why I am not cold, It’s because I have this nice Nike hoodie on that protects me and my body from the cold, it’s nice and comfortable and affordable.

Oh wow a Nike hoodie, I personality have one of those to. It’s actually really good against the cold, I’ve worn it to many event’s in the winter and it’s definitely held up perfectly. for what the price is it’s worth it. But Anonymous did you know that jackets are a severe in the fashion world and if you did what did you know about the culture and fashion of it.?

Yes I have seen a lot of sports jackets and hoodie popping up all over the web and am currently looking to buy one more for someone. I like the jackets that have multiple colors and a unique design. I like the stuff that no one has yet so I can say that I have that, I’m more like a trend setter myself.

That’s great anonymous well that’s all the time we have for today folks I’m Elijah Zapien and you just read… How Much People Talk About Jackets in the Winter.