The New League Of Legends Champion: Samira

Samira is going to be the next League of Legends champion with new abilities and a unique passive.


Sadiq Spaight, Staff

League of Legends is releasing a new champion called Samira. But a lot of players are confused about her place in League of Legends. Is she healthy for the game? or is she going to be weak?

All her abilities are for a more aggressive playstyle. The one thing that sets this champion apart from the rest is that she is a ranged and melee champion. When close to a target she uses her sword to attack them, from a distance she uses her blaster instead. Her passive is called “Daredevil Impulse” the passive gives you rank from E to S you rank up by chaining abilities together. Her Q is called Flair she simply fires a shot if an enemy is not in melee ranged if the enemy is in range of the melee Samira will slash with her sword. This ability is to poke the enemies and give them sustain damage her close-ranged Q is a cleave attack she is able to hit multiple enemies in a cone-shaped area



Her W is called “Blade Whirl” she spins in a circle and can destroy any enemy projectile this ability also does some damage to enemies.

Samira’s E dashes through enemies and does magic damage and give her more attack speed. This ability gives her the more aggressive playstyle a lot of players have been craving for on attack damage carries (AKA ADC) this will also help Samira stick on a target or help her chase an enemy that is running away

Samira’s R/ultimate is “a torrent of shots from her weapons wildly attacking any enemies around her 10 times” but can only use her ultimate if she has an S rank from her passive.

Many players are still trying to figure out if she will be an ADC that can also melee or a mid lane assassin like a Qiyana or Katarina. As a league of legends player and an ADC and mid lane main, Samira would be used in both lanes. But many other players think that Samira would have an “overloaded” kit for example a player by the name of Laxerus says “Considering Riot’s trend of a new champ always being overtuned or op, She’s gonna be overtuned as well. Her dmg numbers are extremely good in PBE [Public Beta Environment] and the fact that she can stick to enemy ADC in lane is a major decision on who wins lane. yes, her ult does require her to spend multiple abilities and autos before she can use it but it’ll definitely change a team fight since it can crit along with her q. until they can get some numbers on how she does we’ll be stuck with an overtuned/kit overloaded ADC and she will get better as people learn how to properly use her abilities and utility” Laxerus is right about Riot games making new champions “overpowered” to make players want to play the new champion. Laxerus also thinks that Samira is going to be a harder champion to lane against because of “the fact that she can stop projectiles will definitely affect hook champs laning against her so it’ll make it even harder to catch her out in lane” 

Samira recently released on patch 10.19 and also has a new skin upon release in the psyops skin line. Try her out if your curious or looking for a new ADC or mid lane champion to play.