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Lobo Soccer Team

Soccer Kickoff

Raymundo Sandoval, Staff December 10, 2021

La Joya Community High Schools' soccer season is almost underway with preseason starting, after so long of not playing for the school, these La Joya Students are ready for this season to start and...

5 Holidays in January and the History Behind Them

5 Holidays in January and the History Behind Them

You won't believe how these holidays began, and how some are still around
Mario Leyva, Staff December 10, 2021

There are many holidays in January such as Swiss cheese day or women rock day, but the holidays like New Years, have a history. New Years is on the first of January and is a beacon of rebirth. It...

Candle on fire.

Are Candles A Big Part Of The November Season..?

Elijah Zapien, Staff December 9, 2021

Are Candles a Big Part of The November Season...? Are Candles a Big Part of the November Season...? Hello, I'm Elijah Zapien Here with me today is Anonymous... Thank you, Anonymous for joining us...

Glendale Glitters

Glendale Glitters Arizona

Aileen Trujillo, Staff December 9, 2021

The holidays can get very busy. Getting presents from everyone and running back and forth trying to get everything situated can become a lot. Every year the Glendale Glitters celebration in Historic Downtown...

An Intro To Special Effects

An Intro To Special Effects

You'll Become a Pro in No Time!
Arlo Dunmire, Yearbook editor November 4, 2021

The world of special effects may seem like a daunting one to enter, you may think that there's no possible way you can afford the fake blood, scar wax, or other supplies needed for it. Although many people...

Halloween treats with white background

5 Alternatives to Trick or Treating!

Deidra Platt, Staff October 29, 2021

5 fun things to do on Halloween besides trick or treat! Halloween is right around the corner Lobos, Even though many people do enjoy the thrill of Halloween not everyone likes or wants to celebrate...

Spooks & Sales

Spooks & Sales

Aaron Platt, Staff October 29, 2021

Its now October and the biggest thing about this month is Halloween. With Halloween around the corner, we can guarantee that money will be flying everywhere for costumes, candy and everything else everyone...

camera feature image to photography article

Do You Have A Camera, Let Me Show You How To Use It….

Elijah Zapien, Staff September 20, 2021

Many People Want To Be A Photographer But Don't Know Where To Start... Appendix Photography is one of many things that can be easy to some, but difficult for others Hello, I'm Elijah Zapien. Joining...


How To Draw And Color Flowers

Drawing flowers!!!!
Nathalie Neri, I'm a poet, artist and writer. May 18, 2021

  Hello there,  My name is Nathalie Neri, and as you can tell by the title, I'll be showing you how to draw simple sketches of flowers. These are rough sketches, meaning I'm not using my...

Spellbreak: The New Unique Battle Royal Game

Spellbreak: The New Unique Battle Royal Game

Is this new idea of a battle royal worth even putting time into?
Sadiq Spaight, Staff May 18, 2021

Spell Break is a free-to-play cross-platform third-person shooter but with a twist instead of berating your opponents with bullets, you instead use magic. In spell break to defeat your opponents, you used...

How to Make a Vanilla Layered Strawberry Cake

How to Make a Vanilla Layered Strawberry Cake

The perfect tender and fluffy spring dessert
Maryah Carrasco, Staff April 26, 2021

This recipe can be time-consuming but it is all worth it in the end. The vanilla cake is not to sweet but is just right and this goes the same for the buttercream. This delicious dessert is all around...

Monster Hunter World: is it worth playing in 2021?

Monster Hunter World: is it worth playing in 2021?

Monster Hunter world came out in 2018 and was super fun for new players but is it worth buying and playing the game in 2021?
Sadiq Spaight, Staff April 22, 2021

Monster hunter world is a game where you of course hunt monsters of all sizes from small to ridiculously huge. You can use the things you gathered throughout the world to create new weapons and armor....

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