Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

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Among Us: Are you the Imposter?

What is Among Us?
Daisy Aguirre Castillo

Among Us

Among Us is an online multiplayer game, where you discover who is innocent and guilty. Each game takes place in a space-like location. There are up to 10 people in one match playing together from all over the world.

Daisy Aguirre Castillo

An imposter is the players who get to kill others, but they have to be sneaky to be able to get away with it and not get caught by other players. The other seven to nine players are named crewmates. Each crewmate has multiple tasks, some are common, long, and short. This gets them working and distracted, away from any killing.

This virtual game gained a lot of audiences even though it was released two years ago, June 15, 2018.

“I can’t stop playing it. Games feel short but I actually play 2 hours and feels like 10 minutes” Said Daliliah Canizales, Junior.

Getting addicted to games happens quickly. Especially if you have an interest in its genre.

1. Blend in: Being an Imposter.

Being the imposter means that you have to seem innocent so you don’t get ejected. While

Daisy Aguirre Castillo

having this role, you get to sabotage the system, so to seem innocent help out when trying to get it fixed. If you ever kill a crewmate, run or vent to the opposite side of the map and find an alibi, to not be accused of it.

“So fun when you’re the imposter and you kill everyone without them knowing it is you” Said Alisa Verdugo, Junior. 

You gain skills, such as being sneaky and a good liar. Or just in general being good at the game. Play the game correctly, be sneaky and kill others without them seeing it coming.

2. Get Tasks Done: Being a Crewmate. 

Daisy Aguirre Castillo

Getting the role of a Crewmate means that you have to figure out who the real imposters are, and get your tasks done to win faster as well.

If you’re doing a task, and see someone else in the same room acting weird. If they do a task, check the taskbar on the upper left to see if it moves forward. If it did not move forward you just caught a bad guy and should go report it.

Or when you finished all your tasks be in mind there are still imposters. So go to the Security Room to watch if there are any killings on the cameras or if anybody vents as well. The vents are for Imposters only.

3. Communication is Key. 

It is time to discuss, somebody either saw something odd occurring or a dead Crewmate’s body was reported. In the discussion time, you will communicate about where the body was, who found it, if anybody was near, etc.

Some people tend to accuse others of doing things, sometimes it true or false. In games, if a Crewmate discovered a body and there was another person next to it they will tend to accuse them because they were their first.

Others also tend to bring up tasks. To see who is finished, who needs more time, or just in

Daisy Aguirre Castillo

general what they are. With tasks, the other players can still discover who an Imposter is because the Imposter can respond with the wrong task since they do not have to do them.

” It’s a very fun game and it honestly brings people you do not expect together” Said Alondra Plaza, Junior. 

In other words, in this game, you tend to make friends and bonds. You could be friends with an Imposter or a Crewmate, you’ll find out at the end of the game.


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