Movies for the Spooky Season

Take a seat and enjoy these movies



This picture is a pumpkin with an orange background behind it.

Ricardo Vazquez, Staff

Hey Lobos, it’s that time of the year again where the spookiest and the scariest movies come on your screen and into your eyeballs for you to remember to the end of time, it can be challenging to look for that movie, so here are some recommendations.

For October, there are lots of choices for spooky movies, and many of them have their own subcategories, such as slasher movies where the protagonist has to face off against an all-powerful being like the Friday the 13 series or more recently, the Halloween franchise with its newest installment coming this October.

“My favorite scary movie is Slenderman I really like how bad it was, with bad movies they have a certain niche to them, it’s the type of movie that I would laugh at every time I watch it,” said Nickle Garcia.

Pumpkin with bats in the background
Pumpkin with bats in the background (anika2184)

Another subgenre of movies for October is the suspense category, the main goal of this category is to make the view feel uncombable like they are in the movie and the antagonist pops at you out of nowhere, a good example of a suspense movie is The Shining, for something more recent is the Quiet Place 2.

“Like what I said earlier, I want to watch a bad movie, movies that are bad to some are great to others, and bad movies are my type of funny,” said Nickle Garcia.

Horror movies then were a lot different from today, the scariest movies of the past aren’t that scary now anymore, horror movies of the present have raised the bar.  As time has passed, visual effects have improved as we have used better technology to film movies to make them scary for the month of October.

Eyeball in a glass of an unknown orange liquid with more glasses behind it with a purple background
Eyeball in a glass of an unknown orange liquid with more glasses behind it with a purple background (Yuliya Furman)

My favorite Halloween movie is Scream, the original scream, you would never suspect two killers, they have one of the actors that I love but I forget the name, Scream is really just a good movie and I would recommend watching it if you haven’t, if you have then give it a rewatch,” said Zac Enno.

It’s fine if you have not watched a horror movie this month, you can watch them whenever you like, and with that, I’m will sign off,  I hope you have a wonderful month Lobos!