Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Jack - o - Lanterns

La Joya’s Hunted House

Aileen Trujillo, Staff December 10, 2021

La Joya's Annual Hunted house is back! La Joya's theater club is hosting this years hunted house. The haunted house will be taking place the same day during our truck or treat! The theme of this year's...

Dark forest with pumpkins and candles on ground.

Dangers of Trick-or-Treating in 2021

Jazlynn Garcia, Staff November 14, 2021

With Halloween just around the corner, there are going to be many trick-or-treaters, so here are some of the dangers of trick-or-treating this year to ensure that you can have a fun but safe Halloween. One...

Eye Of The Spirt Halloween

Eye Of The Spirt Halloween

Laylana Vazquez, Staff November 8, 2021

Its official its that one day of the year October 31st! Its the time of year where you get to dress up as anything for the spooky month. You knw what that means. It means workers at the Spirt Halloween...

An Intro To Special Effects

An Intro To Special Effects

Arlo Dunmire, Yearbook editor November 4, 2021

The world of special effects may seem like a daunting one to enter, you may think that there's no possible way you can afford the fake blood, scar wax, or other supplies needed for it. Although many people...

Where did Halloween originate? The idea of trick or treating!

Where did Halloween originate? The idea of trick or treating!

Lonnel Johnson, Staff October 29, 2021

Halloween, the event of scaring, candy, and pranks. We go knock on the doors of our neighbors and say a line. That's right, you guessed it, Trick or Treat! Although this event is a fun filled candy blast,...

Inspiriting Through Color: Silhouette Drawings

Inspiriting Through Color: Silhouette Drawings

Ericka Lindsay, Staff October 29, 2021

October is a month where all the ghouls and spirits come out but it’s not just about the costumes even art can give a chill down your spine. Art is a mixed bag of candy with goodies for everyone. With...

Halloween treats with white background

5 Alternatives to Trick or Treating!

Deidra Platt, Staff October 29, 2021

5 fun things to do on Halloween besides trick or treat! Halloween is right around the corner Lobos, Even though many people do enjoy the thrill of Halloween not everyone likes or wants to celebrate...

Neighborhood street with a big tree with orange leaves

The Best Ways to Spend the Fall Season

Megan Arvizo, Staff October 29, 2021

Fall the time of colder weather, pumpkin spice lattes, and comfy clothes but that's not all there is, there are many activities to participate in during the Fall season so keep reading to find out the...

Spooks & Sales

Spooks & Sales

Aaron Platt, Staff October 29, 2021

Its now October and the biggest thing about this month is Halloween. With Halloween around the corner, we can guarantee that money will be flying everywhere for costumes, candy and everything else everyone...

Beware of the Skull

The Exorcist VS The Conjuring

Cristina Torres Pineda, Editor October 29, 2021

Hey there lobos did you know that the Exorcist was a movie that came out 1973 and It's about a 12 year old girl who gets possessed by a demonic soul and the parents seek for help. While the conjuring:...

A plastic pumpkin with an orange background behind it

Movies for the Spooky Season

Ricardo Vazquez, Staff October 29, 2021

Hey Lobos, it's that time of the year again where the spookiest and the scariest movies come on your screen and into your eyeballs for you to remember to the end of time, it can be challenging to look...

A fall dessert with a small wooden sign laying on top saying happy fall

Fall Into Sweets

Deidra Platt, Staff September 16, 2021

Fall is here Lobos and Autumn is one of the most exciting times of the year. Not only do we get to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, wear cozy sweaters, but there are also many ways to celebrate the fall season....

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