Check In On Physical Education


school courtyard

Alejandro Villegas, Staff

Checkup On Physical Education:

After a few months Physical education is back and asking some questions. Asking questions like about students mental and physical health as well as staffs’ well being. Well, Mr. Sepulveda answers those questions and more.

students mental health has seemed to improve being at school but betting back in the rhythm of school seems to be a bit more difficult according to Mr. Sepulveda.

“I definitely think so, because students’ have been alone in their rooms and homes long enough to bring anyone down. It was time to return to the classroom and bring those smiles and self-esteem back to where they were prior to the pandemic.

We are all trying to get back to how we were prior to the pandemic but it just won’t go away. We are still having to practice safe distancing and planning lessons differently.  Which in turn put more stress on all of us.”

Staff seem to be less strict on students than pre lockdown this seems to be because of all the changes according to Mr. Sepulveda

“No, we were more open to certain behaviors then but today, we have more guidelines to follow and now have to enforce those new polices and procedures with every activity.”

Attendance also seems to be a problem with more and more kids going to sweep, this is hurting them academically. But kids also have a problem with their attitude and mind set.

“Attendance is a problem and kids think that all will be excused but they will find out later how they are only hurting themselves.”

“Definitely not, kids seem to be less respectful and careless of anything, especially their classes. They will surely feel it when they become seniors.”