Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

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DIY costumes for Halloween

Do you want to have a cool costume but it’s too late to shop for Halloween? Here are some costumes you can make from stuff just laying around your house.

  • Mime
    • Supplies:
      • Black and white cream make up,
      • Black and white shirt
      • A red cloth of some sort
      • Black pants and a hat (optional)

What you need to do is paint your face white and you need black eyeliner around your eyes and eyebrows to make them pop. You can put the red cloth anywhere but it is usually worn around the neck and then, voila! You’re a mime.

  • Vampire
    • Supplies:
      • Black and white cream make up
      • Black clothes
      • Ketchup
      • Towel (optional)

Becoming a vampire is really easy! All you need do is put make up around your eyes to make it look like you’re tired then put red makeup or lipstick around your lips to make it look like blood and you can wear a towel as a cape along with your black clothes. But if you want to make yourself look extra spooky, you can use paper to make it look like fangs by your lips.

  • Medusa
    • Supplies:
      • Fake snakes/pipe cleaners
      • Any kind of dress.

Just stream the snakes or pipe cleaners through your hair and try to wear a fancy dress  and look beautiful because Medusa was beautiful, after all.

  • Rocky Balboa
    • Supplies:
      • Sweatpants
      • Gray sweatshirt
      • Grey beanie

Simply throw on all your clothes and act like you’ve been running around for a while and you can throw on some water as sweat.

  • Men In Black
    • Supplies:
      • A black blazer
      • A white button up
      • A black tie
      • Shades
      • Nice shoes
      • A small flashlight

Suit up to make your clothing all fancy, wear your shades and you can hold the flashlight as if you are going to take their memory with a nueralyzer and you will become the life of the party.

  • Wednesday Addams
    • Supplies:
      • A black dress or sweater
      • White shirt with a collar

What you need to do is style your hair with some pigtail braids and that’s about it, if you really want to sell the act you can act gloomy the entire time.

  • Napoleon Dynamite
    • Supplies:
      • White shirt
      • Red paper
      • Goofy glasses
      • Boots
      • An afro wig (optional)

What you need to do take some red paper and cut it out to spell “Vote for Pedro” and tape it to your shirt. You can act like Napoleon by doing some awesome dance moves and maybe drawing some ligers.

  • Mario and Luigi
    • Supplies:
      • A hat
      • Overalls
      • A fake mustache (optional)

Simply throw on your clothes and sport a fake mustache you can walk into the party with some of their catchphrases if you want.

  • Ghost
    • Supplies:
      • A bed sheet
      • Scissors

If you need to go to the Halloween party in five minutes and still don’t have a costume you can always resort to the classic ghost costume. You simply cut some circular holes in a big sheet and wear it over your whole body and you become a ghost.


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