Spirit Line Holding Little Lobo Clinic

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Spirit Line Holding Little Lobo Clinic

Angelica Veloz, Staff

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This is an example of a stunt.

Have you ever been interested in trying something new but didn’t know how to get evolved?

Spiritline members  are having a perfect opportunity down here at La Joya Community High School. We are holding a event for younger classmen from ages 2 to 13. It starts September 5th and will go till the last day which is September 7th. That is also the day the joining members will be performing at halftime for a varsity game.

“We started it so younger people would have a chance to experience what we do as a team, and as well as being a spirit member” said Head Coach Parnell, cheer coach at La Joya.

Well doing the clinic they would learn a dance and maybe even do a little stunt. Not only do they get to know the feeling of performing and stunting, they will also get a shirt to show off the lobo pride they have. Its all really fun and worth the time and money.

“I first started when i was 13 and i fell in love, it is something really fun to do and it got me doing something I have never done before” said Anthony Anaya, 8th grader at Quentin Elementary School. 

This is for anyone who wants to try something new and explore in cheer. I would recommend you come out to join and get ahead of the game. You will get to meet some people who have been in cheer from when they were little, they can give you some pointers and let you know what you could do better. Anyone and everyone is welcomed.

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