5 Costume Ideas to Be For Halloween

5 Costume Ideas to Be For Halloween

Katelyn Viray, EIC

Halloween is the great time of year where kids, teens and even adults can be somebody else other than themselves. People can go out with their friends or family, dress up and get free candy around their neighborhood. “I’m most excited for the candy and being with my friends” said Dayanne Tolentino, a senior in La Joya Community High School. But sometimes, it can be nerve racking on debating what to be for Halloween. There are so many options out there, we still have no idea what to be! Here are some ideas on what to be for Halloween.

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1) A Superhero: Marvel or DC?

A night where we can save the day for once. You can go from being a regular person to a mutant. “I think superheroes are a good costume idea since a lot of Marvel movies came out this year” said Mikiyela Eppinger, a senior in Tolleson High School.

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2) A Meme

You can never go wrong with a video that makes you smile and embracing it to others. Who knows, people may get it and share a laugh with you. “The people will find you relatable and following up on the trends” said Rommel Viray, a senior in University High School.

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3)  Flash. Camera. Action. A Celebrity!

We’ve seen them through our phones and television, why not take the fame for one night?Related image

4) A Princess

When we were younger, we would look up to them and believe in a fairy tale, why not live in their shoes for once. Related image

5) Supernatural

What a good time to be alive! This is the time of the year to give some scares and showcase your spooky side, whether it be you being a zombie, a clown from It, Freddy Krueger and a lot more!