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Ericka Lindsay

Ericka Lindsay, Staff

Ericka Lindsay is 17-year-old senior from La Joya community high school in the desert state of Arizona. She is very lively character on campus willing to help and support those at her school. Despite everything on with the pandemic Ericka is pushing through challenges that come with being senior getting ready to explore the world outside of the high school realm. In her spare time Ericka is very laid back always seen drawing, doing schoolwork, and hang out with friends occasionally. She is very calm and relaxed in the classroom though it’s a different story at home. This girl transforms into a gamer by the nighttime, most games she plays are relaxing if she just needs break like Minecraft or New Pokémon snap. On the other side of the spectrum, she gets pretty hard core with her being a 3-year wrestler playing competitive games like Fortnite or even the more recent Pokémon unite that launch on the switch. Despite playing games for only some years she a very diverse person she has experience in most game genres, so she hopes to be in the gaming industry as game dev for unique drawing skills on paper and digital or reviewer to try other games out to help designers improve on their ideas forming new ideas in gaming.

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Ericka Lindsay