Inspiriting Through Color: Silhouette Drawings

Inspiriting Through Color: Silhouette Drawings

Ericka Lindsay, Staff

October is a month where all the ghouls and spirits come out but it’s not just about the costumes even art can give a chill down your spine. Art is a mixed bag of candy with goodies for everyone. With many different styles to choose from but there’s also the one candy that’s left in the bag. That one candy in the art form is silhouette art, a style of art that is made of dark shape outlines as the image and colors to show the area around. This is a very simple style that makes images really pop out even sometimes feeling like they’re moving if the colors are positioned in the right way.

“Silhouette art is everywhere because you can still show a complex object with just its outline.” Witt

In some cases, these kinds of drawings can make stories come out like it was from an animation or comic book. It’s also one of those styles that don’t get a lot of talk about in art and it’s one that really should be. Being all about colors people can make worlds that make feel like the silhouette is moving in the vast image it is in.

“it’s capturing a moment and a mood.. art to me is about capturing a piece of life” Witt

The reason that people feel very tense or emotional when seeing these is by the use of colors.

“Color definitely affects mood, it’s extremely important and pivotal to how your piece of art is interpreted.” Witt

Every color you can think of has meaning and feeling to it and this is the key to making art be impactful. While these colors stand alone when others get added it creates a feeling of unity and completeness.

“I think we like to surround ourselves with things we find pretty and make us happy and we are drawn to different colors for whatever reason- so I think that if a piece of art is a color we like, are drawn to, or makes us feel a certain way that we connect with, it makes us like it more.” Witt