The Pack’s First Pep-Rally

Celia Kramer and Rabiah Boxill

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With numerous dance performances and introductions to our fall sports teams, La Joya’s first assembly on Friday, August 28th was PUMPED!

Mr. Rosenberger, La Joya’s Student Government advisor, expected students to feel “invigorated and full of energy” after the assembly. His ultimate goal is to have students be “excited to be a lobo” as a sort of kick-off to the new school year and the start of a new season for La Joya’s fall athletes. Pursuing this further, we asked La Joya’s very own students how they felt.

Senior Alyse Montoya left on Friday feeling “encouraged to get involved and super pumped up about this year.”

Another senior, Classie Swope- member of Stugo- said, “The assembly went smoothly and, despite how much had to be done, wound up being ahead of schedule.”

Sophomore student Dajanae Hawes says, “I love that we get to be crazy. I get to see my friends and the events going on at the school.”

Other students had similar opinions and enjoyed their time at the assembly as well. Many were excited to see exactly what is going on in the school and all that there is to be involved in.

Mr. Rosenberger’s most anticipated and favorite part of the assembly was the performance of seniors Ian and DJ, La Joya’s Urban Dance duo.

It is evident that last Friday’s assembly made an astounding impact on the students of La Joya. Now that the spirit has been established, it’s up to YOU to keep it going. So as we keep going through the school year, remember to “say it loud, say it proud: GO LOBOS!”