Upcoming New Artist: Jordan Suaste


Cover of his song “Patience”.

Ashley Morales, Staff

Music has definitely had a great impact on society. Through all the meanings it has it can truly change the way a person thinks. Many young people today are starting to create their own music and its going really well for some.

A 19-year-old young man from Utah, Jordan Suaste has recently been growing an audience. He is most known for his song “Body” which has an incredible message.

“I’m more than, I’m more than, I’m more than my body”, sang Jordan Suaste in his most known song, Body.

This song has helped many victims of sexual assault share their story with others to let them know that they are not alone. His song started a trend on the app “Tiktok” where they shared their story.

“He made me a better person “, said one of Suaste’s fans, Kyla.

His fanbase grows more and more each day and they are all so supportive. Suaste calls them “The Stars” and has been thinking of that name since he was a child. When younger, Suaste had a notebook with a drawing of a star as the cover.

In one of his songs, “Hookup Culture” he sings about how you aren’t some object that can be used and are worth so much more. This is a very powerful message especially for young people who feel used.

“Cause I’m expensive, I have a diamond mind, and a soul made of gold…”, said Jordan Suaste in his song, Hookup Culture.

All of Suaste’s songs have had a great impact on whoever has heard them and been able to comprehend the lyrics. Music has such an impact on the world.