How To Draw And Color Flowers

Drawing flowers!!!!



Hello there, 

My name is Nathalie Neri, and as you can tell by the title, I’ll be showing you how to draw simple sketches of flowers.

These are rough sketches, meaning I’m not using my full potential to draw you realistic good flowers.

Artists have limited time on their hands.

What you’ll need for this tutorial is:

  • Paper (any kind)
  • A pen
  • Alcoholic markers
  • a 0.5 pencil.
  • Eraser
  • Colored pencils

Now that you have gathered your tools, It’s time to begin.

Let’s start with a simple daisy.

You’ll need to draw a small circle with your pencil (to erase later).

When you’re done drawing a circle, you begin to draw the small petals with your pencil.

And then finish it by drawing the small leaves and the stem.

It should look like this:

Now let’s start with our sunflower, remember to use a pencil for the guidelines.
Draw a small circle and then draw a rounder circle around it make sure the small circle is in the center. Draw stippling’s, which are small dots but used to shade in darker areas and use fewer dots in lighter areas. Then draw the petals and stem. Then draw over it with your pen and erase the sketching of the pencils.
And It should look like this:

This simple lavender is the easiest of them all.
You’ll start with a line, and then make sure the small petals aren’t aligned and make sure it’s slightly above the other. Then draw a huge leaf and you’re done.
And this is how it should look:

It’s time to draw our make-a-wish flower. Now for the Dandelion let’s start with a small circle using a pencil with its stem already. Then draw half-cut lines as a circle. Then those cut lines, draw the letter “U” as the heads of the petals. Draw a line in the middle of each “U” and add three dots. Then at the center of the dandelion, we draw lines that outward to the letter “U”. There you have it, a dandelion, now draw over it with a pen, let it dry, and erase the guidelines.
It should look like this:

Now let’s start with the most known flower, the rose.
This one is also easy, in my opinion. Draw a curved triangle, and what I mean by that, is that the edges should be curved and not pointy.
Repeat this process but make sure the curved triangle is facing upward, downward, to give it an illusion of inner petals in different directions.
Then draw curves connecting the inner petals and repeat the process until it looks like an actual flower.
It should look like this:

Now these are my tips for coloring and you can use them for your finished flowers or for any future artwork.

You’ll need your alcoholic markers

and colored pencils, I prefer Prisma colored pencils, but I’m using cheap Crayola brand pencils. You’ll want to color using your marker first, then layer it with your colored pencils and use three different shades of a certain color to make gradient or shade effect.

As you can tell, it doesn’t have a smooth color base because Crayola brand colored pencils lack quality and oil base. So this causes an ugly blending effect, I recommend using Prisma colored pencils. They’re far more superior.

Anyways, thank you for reading and if you’d like, watch my video, whatever fits for you. Have a good day.