Is black Friday worth the wait?

Arleth Dominguez, Staff

Is black Friday really worth the wait this year? The long lines, packs of people, especially with Covid in the air. Hopefully it will be different this year. Mask are needed in the stores that are going to be packed, the 6 feet apart rule would be highly necessary. When Covid-19 wasn’t around the stores were going crazy, everyone stepping on others, the stores were never ready for what was to come each black Friday. There’s footage of people throwing stuff at stores, of people on top of others trying to run the checkouts lines full.

Theirs’s so many possible outcomes and so many dangerous.

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Black Friday is really not worth the wait, worth the danger,  or worth getting covid-19. Yeah, there will be good prices but it not worth putting yourself or others at risk for some cheap prices,  and can be a waste of time.

Think about the Covid cases that would rise just in one day due to the fact that people want a good price on something.