Public Service Announcement

Keep La Joya at its best!


Alejandro, Staff

It has been Loy Joya’s first year back since the pandemic and they have accomplished good public health enforced by teachers that being said it is also students’ responsibility to stay safe and take care of the campus.

Although the pandemic might be over, we still have to be cautious of the virous that will never go away. Covid cases have significantly gone down since the beginning of the year thanks to being safe on campus.

Photo by cottonbro:

Jesuses Hernandez says, ” I feel safer now than in the beginning of the year, but I think it’s still important to keep some precautions or we will never get out of this ditch covid put us in”.

Although safety for your health is important it is also important to take care of your school. Students tend to throw water bottles and get them stuck in high places. Others just leave their trash all around campus, this makes Ja Joya dirty and disgusting to others.

“I think students need to stop leaving their trash everywhere,

Photo by Steve Johnson:

its unmotivating and makes it worse to come to¬†school,”¬†said Xavier.

The maintenance staff at La Joya end up cleaning the mess but it’s not just their responsibility. La Joya needs the students help to keep the school clean and a place people don’t look down on.