Veterans Day

Adrianna Martinez

You’d be surprised at the number of Americans who are simply unaware of what Veterans Day really is. For most people, Veterans Day means a day off from work, and for people like us, it means a day off from school. But for some families, Veteran’s Day means a whole lot more.

Back in 1918, Nov.11th was regarded as the day that marked the end of “the war to end all wars”, or as we know it, World War I. Today, Veterans Day is a day that recognizes and appreciates American veterans for their willingness to serve.

When asked if she would ever consider going into the Army, Madelyn Martinez, a freshman at La Joya, said, “No, but I do respect all that the people do who do join.”

Joshua Rich, a La Joya Senior also gave his opinion.

“Yes, I have considered serving my country. My father served his country as a Marine and I want to follow in his footsteps.”

It’s important that even as young adults who may or may not be considering serving our country, that we remain aware of the importance of this day and continue to respect all those who have served.