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Why did students grades drop over the years?

Why did student’s grades drop over the years?

Edwin Segura Rivera, Staff March 1, 2022

I think there are many reasons why student's grades drop. Some may say is has to do with sleeping or it has to do with how smart they are or are the kids even trying? I see it happen a lot because I'm...

A plus graded test.

Have a test soon? Prepare for your test!

Jazlynn Garcia, Staff February 22, 2022

Some students may feel a sort of test anxiety when a big test is coming up which can affect their ability to take the test, however, there are some things you can do to ease your anxiety to hopefully ace...

Students in School Post Covid-19

Students in School Post Covid-19

How do Lobos really feel?
Alejandro Villegas, Staff January 31, 2022

Students Elijah Hernandez and Landon Newton contribute to this month's article by answering the question how students are feeling at school post covid and how do they feel about their safety with the new...

A picture of a teacher named Mr. Brocka with text saying, Mr.Brockas Special Days in September

Mr. Brocka’s Special Days in September!

Mario Leyva, Staff September 24, 2021

Mr. Brocka is a teacher at La Joya Community High School. He teaches AP Environmental Science and Conceptual Physics. Mr. Brocka's special days would be Sept. 11th and 18th. These days are special...

A fall dessert with a small wooden sign laying on top saying happy fall

Fall Into Sweets

Deidra Platt, Staff September 16, 2021

Fall is here Lobos and Autumn is one of the most exciting times of the year. Not only do we get to enjoy pumpkin spice lattes, wear cozy sweaters, but there are also many ways to celebrate the fall season....

Heres to the New Generation of Voters

Here’s to the New Generation of Voters

Alex Westphal, Staff December 2, 2019

UNITED STATES- Voting is often seen as an unnecessary act that doesn't make a difference in our political system. Some people will complain about an unwanted outcome but say that they didn't even vote...

Class Electives

Class Electives

Ruby Sicairos , Staff November 9, 2018

As we come close to the end of our first semester and students have already started choosing their new electives for the following year with the exception of seniors of course, we see what goes into students...

The Struggles of Being an AP Student

The Struggles of Being an AP Student

Katelyn Viray, Editor In Chief September 16, 2018

If you have ever entered an advanced or an AP (advanced placement) course, you know it's a whole different world compared to a regular class. They are expected to have a higher level of punctuality, thoroughness...

The Problem In The Youth Soccer Community

The Problem In The Youth Soccer Community

Laura S. Zuniga, staff August 27, 2018

It is very sad to see how everyday kids are starting to lose interest in soccer. The numbers are decreasing rapidly as the years pass by. Not only is the sport losing more kidsĀ  but also losing bright...

Concerts coming to Phoenix in 2018!

Concerts coming to Phoenix in 2018!

Valeria Orozco, Staff March 30, 2018

John ShearerKacie TomiTopgolf Las Vegas So many artist are beginning to come out more often to sunny side Arizona! For the past decade more fans have began to demand for more and more visits from their...

The Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

The Guide to Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Joseph Shouse, Staff March 29, 2018

Going hard at L.A Fitness five times a week, eating nothing but healthy foods, and going for a jog at the crack of dawn places an image of a buff, muscular individual with a killer metabolism into the...

Fashion-Sense at La Joya...look it up!

Fashion-Sense at La Joya…look it up!

Victor Robles, Journalism March 29, 2018

As a LengenDAIRY once stated, "It's just Fashion, darling!" (Reference so a Drag Queen named Milk) It is a lifestyle and it's a statement for most. It is what makes us unique and it is the high-glamour...

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