Love on the Field

Xochitl Segura and Kaitlin Reyes

Who has spirit? We have spirit! From practice performances, to school assemblies, to competitions, La Joya Band comes with several variations of music and forms to show how strong and dedicated they are when performing at the finest precision. Students who participate in band show lots of hard work and effort when it comes to perfecting their skills to show their abilities during these performances.

The performances we see aren’t just fun and games, and it’s much harder than meets the eye. One does not simply pick up an instrument from scratch and become the next Mozart. Rhythm and pattern comes with heart and dedication.

“To many, it looks simple to play an instrument, but it takes a lot of skill and effort,” said Michelle Larios, a senior La Joya student. “After witnessing and experiencing that myself, I’m able to appreciate the performance a lot more.”

Larios is currently playing bass drums, everyday for several hours, even as much as during the night; to perform the best of the best for students at La Joya to see. To make music come to life is the goal of the band.

“In a piece, an individual’s part may seem insignificant, but once the whole band plays together it actually sounds really cool and that’s the beauty of it all,” stated Larios.

Maximo Gutierrez, a junior, joined band for an expressive outlet.

“I joined band because I find solace in music. I love being able to express myself, and meet others who are also musically talented” he states.

Not only can music be played for fun, but it’s another way to “beautifully express your feelings,” Gutierrez says.

Ms. Flynn, the band teacher, notices more engagement this year.

“This year we are getting more engaged with the community and performing at more events outside of our school concerts” said Ms. Flynn.

As for their performance, “I think with every rehearsal and performance we’re improving not only our overall sound, but also our ability to work as a team and build relationships within the band.”

For those who are interested in joining band, here’s some advice from the band teacher herself!

“Start learning now! Learn your note names and rhythms, and if possible take private lessons to give yourself a head-start for next year.”

Band today continues to grow in size and numbers. With more people, more music comes into play. I don’t know about you, but when we see these band kids come out and perform for us during assemblies, I get pumped and ready. They embrace school spirit through music, hard work, and dedication. So anytime they perform, please come and support our wonderful school band.


Come support band on these following dates:

Concerts: Dec 10, Mar 17, May 12, Graduation

Tolleson Lights Parade: Dec 12

Tale of Two Cities Parade: Feb 21

District Honor Band Festival: April 2

District Concert Band Festival: May 6