Eye of the Lobo

Green face mask sitting on a grey surface

Back to School: Life during COVID

Josh Pyle, Staff August 27, 2021

  Have you ever wondered what school would be like during a major pandemic? Today, I am here with Mr. Gregory and Mr. Anderson. They are both teachers at La Joya Community High School in their...

DBZ: Kakarot Pros and Cons

Is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot worth your Time and Money?
Sadiq Spaight, Staff February 17, 2021

"Dragon Ball z Kakarot: is a game Relive the story of Goku in DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT! Beyond the epic battles, experience life in the DRAGON BALL Z world as you fight, fish, eat and train with Goku. Explore...

Essay Tips

Essay Tips

Maryah Carrasco, Staff December 7, 2020

(I NEED MY VIDEO TO BE ATTACHED) Honestly, as a Sophomore student in High School I still have so much improvement needed when it comes to writing essays. I've never had the best grammar and have always...

Which Streaming Service Do You Prefer?

Which Streaming Service Do You Prefer?

Isaac Taylor, Staff November 20, 2020

Avondale- Right now in quarantine we are really urged not to go out and stay social distanced so we don't get sick, so many of us watch cable or actually use a streaming service and right now we are going...

The Effects Online Learning has on Mental Health

The Effects Online Learning has on Mental Health

Isaac Taylor, Staff October 8, 2020

Avondale-Online learning has impacted students in many ways since Covid-19 has spread across the globe. This is because many of the things just suddenly happened and we weren't adequately prepared...

Mr. Franzen teaching the class

Trust Relationship: Teacher and Student

Joel Hewitt, Staff February 10, 2020

AVONDALE- Students, do you like the teachers that teach your classes and ever considered talking to them more on other topics other than school subjects? Or do you prefer talking to other teachers...

Photo Credits: Any Moment

Photography Life Hacks!

Alex Westphal, Staff January 24, 2020

AVONDALE-Have you ever seen those awesome and creative snapshots on social media that we all adore? You can do those too! There is no need to have a fancy, expensive DSLR camera. You can create all of...

Here's to the New Generation of Voters

Here’s to the New Generation of Voters

Alex Westphal, Staff December 2, 2019

UNITED STATES- Voting is often seen as an unnecessary act that doesn't make a difference in our political system. Some people will complain about an unwanted outcome but say that they didn't even vote...

Wrestling Lobos

Wrestling Lobos

September 30, 2019

AVONDALE- Esperanza Carillo is a 16-year-old junior and a second-year female wrestler who previously attended Kellis High School but is now here at La Joya Community High School. Carillo enjoys...

Ways to Make Your Feed Aesthetically Pleasing

Ways to Make Your Feed Aesthetically Pleasing

Taeya Benally , Staff December 18, 2018

People have different ways they express themselves, it is a clear indication of who they are and what their personal preference is on simple things like whether they enjoy pink over blackĀ  orĀ the...

Making the Switch

Making the Switch

Bryce Hart, Writer December 17, 2018

Many people believe that global warming is real. There has been electric cars, electric trains, and now society is pushing for electric planes. Electric planes could potentially cheaper, quieter, and good...

Horoscopes Of The Week

Horoscopes Of The Week

Cassandra Castro, Staff November 8, 2018

The following article is about the horoscopes of this week. Horoscopes usually have to do with zodiac signs and astrology. "Yes I believe in astrology cause the universe is big and there are things...

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