Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School

Eye of the Lobo

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Gaming plus Academics equal What?


Gaming systems and consoles have changed significantly in the past 15 years. Although, there is a downside to gaming. It is viewed by some teachers, parents, and others as a distraction to students.

Big gaming companies like Nintendo, Playstation, and Xbox all started with a small console system. These systems have been updated significantly since 2000 and are now the consoles we see today. Consoles such as the PS4, Xbox One, or the Wii U. But are these consoles affecting students academic life? “I don’t think playing games has anything to do with our grades.” said an anonymous student.

Most teachers will get the excuse that their students were busy or forgot to do their homework. Although some of these may be true, other students would be wasting their time playing video games. An anonymous  student said,”Some people who see it as a priority over other things. These students have a greater interest in these games than in their school work.”

What makes it worst is portable gaming. Portable gaming allows students to play not only on the go but at school as well. They serve as a distraction for student. The same is true with cell phones. It also doesn’t help that companies like Bungie and Ubisoft are coming out with new games every month.

Students start playing and they can’t stop. Some play for the fun or pleasure of it. While others play for achievements or even competitions. There are a few how have who play to relieve stress. “I understand it can be distracting but school can overwhelming to and I like to take a break once in a while,” said a student. Either way it is affecting their school work.

How is this affecting their academic life? Students who are gaming lose time to do their work and at times don’t even do their work. In some cases students will stay awake for hours after dark and will still be playing. The result, students are falling asleep in their classes and are at a loss.


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