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Hayden stewart, Staff

Grace Vanderwaal, America’s got talents favorite music artist! She’s on the charts with a brand new album named “JUST THE BEGINNING”! To me Grace is a very talented young gal, she’s 13 years old but writes her music as if she was a grown woman. She’s super talented at what she does, her voice is just absolutely great, she has such a raspy, attention getting voice. I’m honestly so impressed with the way her music videos are produced, and the lyrics that she shares through out her music, it’s very attention getting because you wouldn’t be expecting a 13 year old girl to be this artistically creative. A few students here at La Joya said these things about Grace “I haven’t heard any of her new music, but her one song that she wrote and first played live on America’s got talent really impressed me, I hope to hear more from her soon…” says Angela Larios, “I’ve heard a few of her songs and I can’t really relate to her music, but i think she has a nice voice and am really surprised on how little she is but yet so talented.” says Elaya Nandin. This is just two people who have heard her music and think she has a good voice, she’s a very talented young gal and you guys should really check out her music, even if you think you won’t like it, maybe you will end up liking it, just check her out! She’s a super rad gal, check her out!!! 

Justin Lubin