Pizza and Fruit?

Pizza and Fruit?

Karina Perez, Staff

Pineapple on pizza? A weird combination, but how did it come to be?

Sam Panopoulos, the inventor of  Hawaiian pizza decided to put the invention to the test when searching for a new recipe for his Canadian restaurant in 1962.

Panopoulos, born in Vourvoura Greece, immigrated to Canada and decided that pineapple pizza was the best option.The first time Sam put his invention to the test no one liked it, he then decided ham would contrast the sweetness and it was a hit.

Believe it or not Hawaiian pizza otherwise know as pineapple pizza, did not come from Hawaii, it originated from Canada, the maker decided that making “fruit pizza” would be a great idea. As the popularity of this fruit concoction grew so did the opinions.

Pineapple on pizza is a large controversial topic to the youth, it’s such a large debate because many believe that fruit does belong on pizza and some think otherwise.

“I hate pineapple pizza because it tastes gross because it’s mixing something sweet and something not sweet and that just makes it gross because it’s also like if your eating a hamburger with orange slices on it.” said Kael Madrigal, Sophomore at La Joya High School.

Hawaiian style pizza is disliked by some, including Gordon Ramsay, but what about the people that like Hawaiian pizza?

Those in favor of Hawaiian pizza tend to like the pizza for its well know yellow fruit.

“I love pineapple pizza because I like how the pineapple are warm on the pizza” said Gabby Jacobo.

Pizza is a well known fast food, liked all around the world, in fact 94% of Americans eat pizza regularly.

So, what is your favorite pizza topping?