Consequences With Being Inked


Tamali'i Nua, Staff

For many years there have been teens getting tattoos at a young age, but later on in their lives consequences occur.

There are many people, especially adults, who have dreamed of the perfect tattoo. They know the design, place, and maybe even the meaning but when they make it all official there are major consequences that come along.

People who attend high school tend to run into some problems with the administrators.

For example with  Nicholas Slournoy who was 16 and attended at East St. John High School, the principal had made it a requirement to cover tattoos.

“I was sent out of school for about nine days” Slournoy said, after ignoring the rule, like other students had.

Students who have meaningful tattoos are especially told they are recommended to cover their tattoo.

Another incident happened with a 15 year old girl, Darrylnika Royal, said she,

“I had to suffer the consequences for the ones with all gang related stuff”.

A lot of people face consequences whether it’s a huge issue with administrators or even with the student’s peers.

Taken by Tamali’i Nua

“They cause some distractions because people are attracted to the designs. Also it will continuously stop you from what you’re doing when people stop you and ask about the tattoo” Said An’atonu Nua, a 17-year-old.

When someone gets a tattoo they’re getting it for the fun of it or  it’s there because it actually has meaning to it. Either way,  people have issues with the creativity of tattoos.