The Problem In The Youth Soccer Community


Laura S. Zuniga, staff

It is very sad to see how everyday kids are starting to lose interest in soccer. The numbers are decreasing rapidly as the years pass by. Not only is the sport losing more kids  but also losing bright future athletes.

“It’s lost more child participants than any other sport– about 600,000 of them” Said Tom Farre, soccer coach at La Joya. 

Over 2.3 million players from the age group 6-12 has dropped 14 percent in the last three years, it shown in the Sports & Fitness Industry Association (SFIA).  Still over the years soccer will be the sport least played or will be the least popular due to the lack of attention towards soccer.

“If year after year, at every decision point, U.S. Soccer continues to alienate Latinos and blacks, we are going to sit on the sidelines and watch the rest of the world get better,” said Mr. Rothenberg, soccer coash at La Joya. 

Americans are complaining about how each year the number of  soccer players are decreasing ,but in reality they are rejecting players who want to play simply because they are another race (Hispanic and African American). Studies shows that over 250,000 kids could be playing and number would be going up ,instead they’re simply rejected because of their race or skin color.

It is hard to imagine how kids at a young age are already getting rejected/criticized because they aren’t Caucasian. kids should be able to play any sport that they like because they want to have fun.

How would you feel if your child wasn’t able to play a sport because of their color/race?