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Lobo Student Body

Elysia Casillas, Vice President of Skills USA

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Being a student at La Joya, you can observe that our school is very accepting and diverse. But what makes La Joya’s students different?

As a freshman, it can be a lot of new territory when it comes to high school. Chandler Van Natter is a first year lobo. He describes his first year of high school by saying,

“I really enjoy being at La Joya, it’s more open environment that in middle school! I really didn’t expect there to be so many kids walking around as we go to classes everyday.”  

As a Sophomore, you have the basic knowledge of what high school is. Cloey Chavez, the picture on the left but the person right,  on the is currently a sophomore and she describes her freshman year as,

“Easy in a sense that work wasn’t difficult and hard because it was my first year at high school. “

As a Junior, Taeya Benally is a third year lobo and she describes her years at La Joya like,

“My Junior year has only lasted for two months and its crazier than both freshman and sophomore year combined… I started to slack in my freshman year and now I’m paying for it… Some advice I would give freshmen is don’t slack your first year!”

As a Senior at la Joya, Victor Robles, the picture on the right but the person on the left, is a four year lobo and graduating this year, he said that after high school he

wants to go to university and he gives a piece of advice,

“I plan to go to ASU Herbert Institute to major in film-making… DO YOU SIS. Be original and unique. Also, have a lot of SD cards. “

Being a high schooler can be difficult, but getting through those hardships, will only make you a stronger and more knowledgable person.