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Teacher Interview About Online Schooling

Teacher Interview About Online Schooling

Mario Leyva, Staff

September 2, 2020

Ms. Gorgan is an English teacher at La Joya Community High School, and she gave us her inside of her perspective of this school year, during this time of Covid-19. During this time, she was able to give us her side of the story. Ms. Gorgan isn’t very fond of the online schooling because of how it’s...

Keep It Up Fighting Lobos

Keep It Up Fighting Lobos

Alex Westphal, Staff

September 9, 2019

AVONDALE- Senior year as an AP student can be a difficult year to find motivation, stress-free activities, and being able to balance time with a full schedule. However, we have many programs and support networks in place to benefit each and every student. For students with rigorous work schedules, ...

25% Decrease of Hispanic Student Attendance After 680 Illegal Immigrants Arrests in Mississippi

Credit: Rogelio V. Solis/AP

Jessica Quintana

August 22, 2019

  FOREST-A quarter of Mississippi's Scott County School District's Hispanic students were reported absent after the largest single-state raid of illegal immigrants during the first week of August. The absences were a direct result from the raid of at least 680 undocumented immigrants. After ICE had su...

How To Prepare for Senior Paper

Pranay Jha

Muhdya Jubran

February 2, 2017

Yes seniors, it's about the time we have all been waiting for or for some a time we have been dreading. Senior Paper: the 10-15 page essay that is a requirement for graduation. Many of you are stressing out and over thinking it. Well, here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve the senior paper! You...

Connecting the Pack at La Joya Community High School