Are Immigrants Taking Over?


Aileen Trujillo, Staff

ASU Cronkite

On March 4th, 2022, at ASU Cronkite, Arizona Democratic Representative Marcelino Quiñonez spoke to future high school journalists about how some people view immigrants. He said they assume they are taking over jobs.  

“When you turn on the television or hear it on the radio, they tell you that this state is horrible or that everything’s in crisis” said Quiñonez. “And they point to the boarder, and they tell you that the immigrants come, and they steal everything but what they’re really creating is fear” 

During the press conference held at ASU Cronkite, Quiñonez mentioned that his mother and father immigrated into the United States to create a better life for their family. In doing so, he took advantage of every little opportunity that was provided to him. He took advantage of FASFA, college opportunities, and many more  

“What has happened is that they point to the boarder, they point that the jobs that don’t exist, they point to the schools that have all the money they need”, said Quiñonez 

Arizona Democratic Representative Marcelino Quiñonez

As a nation we need to stop pointing fingers and believe what each of us are saying. If one says my name is so and so, then we need to believe them. We shouldn’t be asking for factual evidence or pointing fingers to immigrants saying they cause all the problems.  

“Believe what they first say and then later on ask them, where their information came from”, said Quiñonez 

Quiñonez mentioned to take note of what they say first then make noise. Never try to assume who someone is by the first look.