Does Sports Help Student Athlete’s Become Better Students….?


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Elijah Zapien, Staff

I’m Pleased to meet you! what is your name? Anonymous….. Thank you for joining us today. I’m Elijah Zapien here to talk to you about Student athletes. You may know what that is or maybe you are one. Have you ever played any sports yourself and if you have what sports did you play?

Track For Runners
La Joya Community Highschool’s Track. (Elijah Zapien)

I’m a Cross-Country runner for La Joya Community Highschool. I run for fun basically.

Tell me What are some of the difficulties of being a student athletes?

Some difficulties of being a student athlete I’d say is trying to keep your grades up so you can be able to play and compete, One of the hardest things is trying to manage all these things at once.

And in all of this mess which is harder to do, be a athlete or a student?

Most definitely a student you have to do work and after practice finish the work, what I mean by that is the homework. I’m specifically talking about the homework, It’s a struggle.

I really like how you talk about how homework  is the hardest part of being a student athlete when you said, “I’m specifically talking about the homework, It’s a struggle”.

This really does help me understand how hard it is to actually be a student athlete. I’m basically putting my feet in your shoes. Some other things I wanted to talk about, why do most student athlete’s have better grades than people who aren’t athletes what comes with that, explain to me how this makes any sense.

Easy answer it’s because they have less to worry about when I can’t play because of my grades all I ever want to do is get good grades so I can play. Also if I don’t that only just builds up more and more pressure on me.

So what your saying is eligibility makes you motivated to try harder, because of course you want to play can you elaborate?

Yes because all a athlete wants to do is compete so it really makes us want to try harder and be able to play for our school.

Well, Thank you Anonymous for joining us, until next time…