Cell Phones: Addictive Or Not?

Are You Addicted to your Phone?


AVONDALE- Technology is everywhere today and it’s easy for someone to get caught up in the trend and possibly become dependent on it. One of the types of technology that’s everywhere are cell phones and the question that’s being asked is are they addictive?

Cell phones are a part of the normal lifestyle for some people. But what people don’t understand or ignore, is that they might be addicted to their device. Addiction is when one has become dependent on something and you need it to function or in some cases, you can feel lost without it.

“I would say they are addicting because I see everyone on their phone on a daily basis even while they are doing things like driving which is really worrying because what if they aren’t paying attention and something happens,” said Zachary Allen.

There has been a recent movie that was released starring Adam DeVine who plays Phil, and has a major problem of being addicted to his phone. One day his phone breaks so immediately, he buys a new one and that’s when things get good. Phil’s new phone comes with Jexi, an artificial intelligence that tries to take over his life.What stuck out the most in this movie is that people are so addicted to their devices that they forget to try to live their life. However, some say it’s not an addiction.

They say that cell phones aren’t addictive, that they just help and allow people to live a “normal” life. In other words, it’s just a part of life and that’s how it is; not an addiction.

“It’s a lifestyle choice because some people think it makes you a cooler person to have a phone and it helps you do things” said Rory Doherty.

What about when it comes to school and education, are cell phones still an addiction? Some people try to argue that they aren’t but most people even teachers say they are and some teachers say that students are addicted to their cell phones. Other teachers would also say that there are some students who can balance their phone and their education.

“I don’t think they are addicted to their cell phones, I think it’s become second nature like it’s become a habit like when people walk past a mirror they can’t help but to look at themselves in it that’s how I think it is,” said Ms. Gorgan.