What a Mechanical Keyboard?

What a Mechanical Keyboard?

Sergio Ramos, Staff

Let’s talk keyboards they come in two main types mechanical and membrane.

A mechanical keyboard uses a press down switch that pushes the metal connectors together to activate the key.

A membrane keyboard is a keyboard that uses a plastic type dome to push down on the metal connector that activates the key.

In mechanical switches there are 3 main groups clicky, linear and tactical. Clicky just means that when you push a key down it makes a click noise causing it to be louder than the others. A linear switch is smooth and straight without any extra noise or feel. Tactail switch’s have a bump in the switch causing it to have a distinct feel when you push the key down.

If you’re asking which one it the best well that’s subjective and varies on person to person so in order to found out the best feel your just are going to need to test the feel yourself.

Now that we know I little more about mechanical switches why do people get them when they are more expensive than membrane?

Well, a mechanical switch has a longer life span, more reliable and consistent with a low activation force (the force needed to push the key down). Compared to a membrane keyboard which can break if the plastic gets too old or used to much, they also just feel worse compared to a mechanical switch.

If you are looking to get a new keyboard spend the few extra dollars and invest in a mechanical keyboard.