History of Santa

Alejandro, Staff

Many people believe Santa Clause is a fat guy in a red suit that gives out presents. But his figure was based on Saint Nicolas who lived in the years between 220 A.D. and 343 A.D. And the originally Christian monk would continue to bring charismas spirit. And Santa’s birthday being March 5th 220 he is 1,750 years old.

With Santa being 1,751 and 1 out of the six big holidays Santa Has gone through some changes to keep Christmas a holiday and spirit. Santa also Sieth Alvrez said

“I think Santa changes every few generations to keep with the new technology”

The idea of modern-day Santa is believed to appear around the 19th century and His Figure has changed as the years progressed to adapt to modern times. Saint Nicola’s origin started in

Picture of Santa Clause holding a present
A picture of a Palace in Myra Turkey as Santa’s Hometown

280 A.D in Myra and believed to be a monk. When Saint kick was young, he travelled to Palestine and Egypt.

Santa brings a lot of joy for some kids and keeps good spirit in the air. La Joya pack member Xavier said

“I enjoy spending time with the fam and and the presents”

The name Nicolas is based off Greek word Nike which means victory and Laos meaning people and this was because throughout his teachings he brought victory over their vices and sins. Nicolas. Some might guess his age but answering the question how old is Santa fellow classmate Xavier Munious said

” Santa is probably in his 60’s but he seems to be centuries old, I don’t think anybody knows how old he is.”