Top 5 Valentine Candies of This Year


Conversation Candy Hearts

Deidra Platt, Staff

As valentine’s days rolls around many people are wondering what to buy and what sweets to get. What might be the most popular sweet around? Well, I’m here to tell you the top 5 Valentines candies to get this year and who knows this might be your valentines’ favorite.

  1. Conversation candy hearts!

Many people love to eat these little candy hearts around valentines as they are closely associated with the valentine’s times and every year, they sell out of stores very quickly.

2. Heart Shaped Box of ChocolatesFree photo Packaging Chocolate Gift Heart Chocolates - Max Pixel

Lots of people loves chocolate so when valentines roll around, and those chocolate heart boxes come out people are dying to get them and share them with their best friend of significant other.

3.Chocolate roses

Chocolate roses are a cute and tasty treat to get someone these valentines. A combination of rose and chocolate is a nice way to show someone you care about them this valentine’s day.

4. Hershey’s kisses

Most people love chocolate and and but maybe a big box of chocolate is too much for one person so why not go with a Hershey’s kisses, those are the best way to go!

5. Valentine’s Day Fun-dip

All year-round people love fun dip but when valentine’s day comes around people love to share it with the people they love, and you should share it around too!

That’s all I have for the top 5 valentine candies this year I hope you Lobos had a great valentine’s day and a safe and wonderful week!