True Life of a Krunchkin: Oct. 30, 2015

The life of Kimberly Rodriguez on crutches


October 30, 2015

Tonight is my senior night. In a way I’m excited but then I’m not because well I can’t perform and it’s my last High School football game. The only good thing about it is that my mom is walking me, but really nothing else excites me. Today was just not a good day, I was upset the whole day. But I mean that’s on me for letting things keeping me from having a good day. Once school ended I took a test I missed from last Friday, and I stayed after talking to my French teacher and just told her everything and once I did that I started to feel better. I guess I just needed someone to listen to me. Once I vented to her and we exchanged conversations I decided it was time for me to go home and get ready for the game tonight. Like always I called my mom to pick me up, and for once I came home to a freshly cooked meal. There was red enchiladas, potato salad, pumpkin and pineapple empanadas, and coffee. It smelled like heaven! My mom’s cooking is just amaze balls dude. As I was enjoying my mother’s food my sister calls me asking me if I can go to McDonald’s and get her an iced coffee. (Only my sister would) So I finish eating, ask her husband if he can take me and once we arrive the drive thru line is long as heck dude! I was so mad we didn’t get to the window until 5:30 and I had to be at the football field by six… I was so salty, once we get the coffee my brother in law speeds to my sisters work we leave her coffee, then we speed home so I can get ready. As soon as we arrive I hurry to my room to put on my uniform, fix my makeup, put my hair up, and brush my teeth so I can head to the football field. As soon as I finish I tell my family at what time they have to be there and then I have my brother drive me to the school. Once I get there I set my stuff down and just sit with the trainers, until it was time for the game to start then I went and sat with my coach. Once it was time to walk, my mom and sister came down and like always my sister decides not to listen to me and starts complaining that she doesn’t want to walk because she didn’t get ready. Like nope your name is on the list you’re walking, I don’t care. After we walk I go and see the rest of my family. Then my aunt tells us that my mom got sick so we all decided to just leave, and take my mom home so she can rest. I am thankful we left when we did because the tension with the cheer team was just suffocating yo. Once we get home we get the empanadas out, make coffee and just start roasting each other like every other family gathering. I on the other hand ended up going to my room to clear my mind because I was just emotional. But after talking it through with someone I started to feel better, and I realized that I was just being a baby about things.